In Memory of Wright, Graham, and Ford Holley Wakemed Foundation
In Memory of Wright, Graham, and Ford Holley
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In Memory of Wright, Graham, and Ford Holley
In Memory of Wright, Graham, and Ford Holley

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My Story

Help support those grieving from the loss of their preemies.

We're raising money to help enable grieving programs at WakeMed. After our own experience of losing our three little boys, we understand the difficulties and pain that comes along with the loss of any child. As each one left us we had to deal with new loss, new pain, new emotions, and more complications and decisions to be made. Even though there are so many people fighting to help preemies and prevent such loss, sadly, we will continue to lose these little ones. We want to be there for these families and try to support them through the worst moment in their lives.

With your donations, WakeMed will be able to offer additional services and support to grieving NICU families, such as added staff to guide and advocate for families throughout their bereavement processes and bereavement education programs for staff members.

Thank you for partnering with us in this. We want to honor our boys by helping others!

Our story

Wright, Graham, and Ford were born too early and left us too soon.

At 23 weeks, Stacy was rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section. Our three boys arrived on May 29, 2019 at 10:41 AM (Wright and Graham) and 10:43 AM (Ford) to much fanfare, including a room full of doctors and nurses, who immediately began taking steps to give them the best chance of survival. Any child born at that early of an age is facing an uphill battle and increased potential for complications. Three babies meant an even greater increase.

Over the course of the next five days our boys fought to heal and grow. We lost Wright the evening he was born. Two days later, Graham couldn't fight any more and he went to be with his brother. Ford was our strongest and continued doing well. But the first night at home, after Stacy was discharged, we got a call that he had taken a turn and we needed to come see him. Our third boy left us early that morning.

The amount of grief and sadness is impossible to describe. We mourn the loss of our three beautiful baby boys.

But they were fighters. Each of them struggled mightily and never gave up. To honor them, we are creating a foundation to help others. It will be given in the names of Wright, Graham, and Ford Holley - the toughest little boys ever.

Thank You

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